Nordic Design Research Society conference (NORDES’17)

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Conference Theme: DESIGN + POWER
15 – 17 June 2017, AHO · Oslo, Norway

“CALL FOR PAPERS” is still open!
Deadline 1 Apr

The date is near, however there are many possible submission categories, so there’s definately still time! Submission categories: full paper, short paper, case, exhibition, poster, pictorial, and workshop, as well as a doctoral consortium encouraging work-in-progress papers.

Nordes Honorary Keynote: Professor Thomas Binder
Young Scholars Keynote: Dr Mahmoud Keshavarz
International Research Keynote: Professor Yoko Akama
International Research Keynote: Professor Dori Tunstall
National Design Practice Keynote: Even Westvang

THEME “The theme of DESIGN + POWER allows us to take up what are difficult and dynamic relationships of design in the face of current societal challenges, needs of the design professions and wider political and economic forces. We are able to do so, and need to do so, precisely because design and design research are co-creative, productive and forward looking in character and actions. We have built a substantial body of related research but we need to work actively to ensure its survival and adaptation. Different interpretations of power are invited that may address its unfolding, for example, in terms of positionality, norm-criticality, feminisms, decolonism, materiality, temporality, responsibility, justice, equality, ethics, politics, governance, institutions, participation and engagement.”