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The Future of the Museum and Gallery Design – Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

The Future of Museum and Gallery Design

An international conference exploring creative research and practice in museum making

Are you involved in the practice of designing or redeveloping museums and galleries? Are you undertaking research into an aspect of museum design or visitor experience? Are you interested in learning from and with others involved in museum design internationally?

The organisers are seeking proposals for papers, presentations, creative research-led workshops and training workshops.

As well as seeking submissions which explore creative approaches to the design of meaningful and engaging visitor experiences, the conference seeks case studies and research which will expose the potential for design processes and design thinking to make a significant contribution to the strategic development of museums and cultural organisations internationally, challenging conventional approaches to museum and gallery making and seeking to unleash the potential of design and creativity for the cultural sector.

Themes might include but will not be limited to:

  • Spaces for people and design for use
  • The production of social spaces and sites for dialogue in the context of a consumer driven society
  • The integration of art, culture and everyday life
  • The development of sites for social engagement, wellbeing and place-making
  • New museum and gallery design processes and the challenges of creating a framework for interpretive design
  • Collaborative museum making
  • Narrative environments and storytelling-in-space
  • Designing for visitor participation and experience
  • Experimental approaches to museum and experience making which place the visitor at the heart of the design process
  • Community art and community-led design
  • Understanding the needs of visitors – perception, embodiment and sociality
  • The role of design and ‘design thinking’ in museum making
  • The challenges of cross-cultural exchange in museum and gallery design
  • Design research and its contribution to museum making

Deadline: 30th June 2015. Decisions on accepted proposals by end July 2015.

Dates: 13-15 November 2015


Invitation: Aalto Digi Breakfast on Digital Cultural Heritage 19.5.2015



Dear recipient,

welcome to the Aalto Digi Breakfast on “Digital Cultural Heritage”!

May 19, 2015, at 8:00-9:30 o’clock, at Open Innovation House (OIH), Otaniementie 19, Espoo

Please register no later than 11 May at

and forward this invitation to your colleagues, too. Details at

Today our topic is how to make the collections held by libraries, archives, museums and audiovisual archives available online, and how this is a win-win for culture and research.


8:00 Breakfast is served
8:15 Opening by professor Lily Diaz
8:25 Presentations:

  • Professor Eero Hyvönen: Publishing Cultural Heritage on the Semantic Web as Linked Open Data – Tools, Services, and Applications of the Semantic Computing Research Group (SeCo)
  • Jukka Savolainen: Digital media in the museum – a tool for visitor engagement or material for collections
  • Hannu Häkkinen: Digital Cultural Heritage and the Picture Collections of the National Board of Antiquities: objectives and challenges
  • Heli Kautonen: Access improved – Finnish culture for creative industries in Finna

9:25 Wrap-up and next steps at Aalto

Digitalization of the cultural heritage of humanity is one of the pressing issues in the Information Society. As the keepers of the nation’s heritage, heritage institutions such as archives, libraries and museums are implicated not only in the safeguarding of the patrimony that tells history of the people, but also in how that history is narrated. In our contemporary world that mission has been rendered into a task that translates to more that being repositories of artefacts. Nowadays museums for example, are expected to provide a wide array of services, from the ubiquitous guided tours, to more challenging activities including sessions in which visually challenged patrons can handle 3D forms, such as sculptures, to activities in which young audiences might learn about ‘sonification’ techniques to render accessible visual works of art, to workshops where immigrants and first-generation citizens search to find a way to reflect themselves into the fabric of the nation. During this session we will hear from experts who are involved in this important work.

Today’s event is also part of Aalto Festival

Aalto Festival showcases the talents of Aalto University students, graduates and faculty. The festival is a collection of over 30 events, exhibitions, and seminars, and takes place in Helsinki and Espoo 18–31 May 2015.

In the Digi Breakfasts, Aalto university’s key digi themes are discussed within the Aalto community and with outside stakeholders. The events are open for everyone and they are arranged by Aalto Digi Platform which is Aalto’s new means of collaboration in the field of ICT and digitalisation, to maximize Aalto’s internal synergies in a non-exclusive manner, and to increase Aalto’s external visibility.

Aalto University is the leading university in Finland in the field of digitalization in the number of students, professors, publications or funding. In the field of ICT, Aalto belongs to the best 1% of all universities worldwide.

More information from: and (Digi Platform), (Digital Cultural Heritage), (Aalto’s Platforms).


Mauri Airila

Professor, Assoc. VP

Aalto University