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ARKI The focus of Arki is in the co-evolution of digital technology and the practices of everyday life with a design perspective. Our work draws on experiences and practices of collaboration, participation and open modes of design and production. The name of the group, ARKI, means “everyday” in Finnish

Crucible Studio, a research group within Media Centre Lume and the Department of Media of the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, studies and develops narration of the digital, non-linear and interactive media. Our goal is to achieve deeper emotional experiences in the interactive media and to create production methods to develop content and technology simultaneously in the multi-talented teams of artists, designers, scientists and technology experts.

Hybrid Labs.

The Learning Environments Research Group (short name: LeGroup) is involved in research, design and development of New Media tools, as well as their use and application, in the field of learning.

Sound and Physical Interaction Research Group SOPI deals with digital sound in more aesthetically engaging forms. The group is interested in the research and implementation of sound design together with physical interaction practices on various levels to advance their roles and impact in the future of media and interactive art. Together with practice, applied and academic research, the SOPI research group aims to collaborate with national and international research projects, as well as the industry partners.

The Systems of Representation group conducts research into representation, culture, and knowledge in the digital dimension. The group works on research and design projects, educational activities, and publishes frequently on topics such as cultural heritage, design research, new media, synthetic reality and simulation.

Graphic Design Harri Heikkilä: Haplab

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RUUKKU  Studies in Artistic Fields: a peer-reviewed online publication of artistic research