Doctor of Arts studies in Visual Communication Design

DOM-L0001 Visual Communication Design Doctoral Seminar
Aalto ARTS, Department of Media
Prof. Masood Masoodian
Seminars meet once a month on Thursdays at 15.00–17.00 Miestentie 3, Otaniemi.

Meeting dates for the academic year 2017–2018:

Thursday 19 Oct 2017, Room 135.
One of our new DA candidates, Elena Comincioli, will present her initial research, and Heidi Uppa will briefly talk about a summer school she attended a couple of months ago.

23 Nov 2017, Room 135.
We will have a presentation by our VCD visitor, Anže Kavčič, on his
doctoral research. Arja will also give a presentation about a book
symposium she attended Jyväskylä.

14 Dec 2017

18 Jan 2018
Open lecture by Prof. Dagny Suedahl at Learning Centre. See more here.

15 Feb 2018
22 Mar 2018
26 Apr 2018
24 May 2018


Past dates – Spring 2017:

Thursday 19 January (15:00-17:00) in room 429.
Presentation by Heidi.
If anyone else wants to give a short presentation please contact Masood.

February 16 (15:00-17:00). room 135.

Thursday 30 March (NOTE TIME: 13:00–15:00), room 429.
Guest lecture by: Professor Marcus Foth, Creative Industries Faculty, School of Design Office, Interactive and Visual Design, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.
See more:

Past dates – Fall 2016:

September seminar 22.9.2016
• Tania Rodriguez: Language Learning through Design. Tania tells about the present status of her DA research and how she combines articles into a dissertation.
• Summer schools and conferences – Discussion about doctoral studies, seminars and conferences

October seminar 20.10.2016
• Paulo Dziobczenski (DA student from Design Department): What is Sought from Graphic Designers? A First Thematic Analysis of Job Offers for Graphic Design Position in the United Kingdom.
• Teemu Korpilahti: Visual Language: The Use of Icons in Graphical Interfaces.

November seminar 17.11.2016 (NOTE DATE CHANGE)
• Markus Joutsela: Packaging Experience. Markus presents his DA thesis, which will be an article dissertation.
Rupesh Vyas: Information Design Research

December seminar 8.12.2016
Please be prepared to give a short summary (5–10 minutes) of your research, its present stage in English to Masood, who will be your supervising professor.
Aalto ARTS guidelines for supervising and advising dissertations you find here:
There will be no changes for the advisor positions, unless you suggest a change to the Doctoral Programme Committee.

Media Lab Demo Day 15.12.2016