1st EAI International Conference on Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Education

JULY 14, 2017, Canterbury, United Kingdom

Call for Workshop papers:

Holonovels – New Frontiers for Engaging Arts and Sciences in Future-Oriented Design

This workshop encourages creative contributions that take the form of original narrative fiction, such as science fiction prototypes (SFP), design fiction, scenario based design, or related contributions. To form a focal point, we are asking authors to use the STAR TREK ® HOLODECK® as inspiration for their stories and discussions. In general, a HOLODECK – a space in which simulations of people, objects and environments that seem to be real can be created and can be interacted with – is a plot device to frame stories and discussions. The Holodeck is an imaginary concept, but we hope that its futuristic nature will motivate ideas that will be transferable to our own world, enabling discussion that range from concepts for new technologies to concerns about their societal or ethical use.

Keynote speaker: Gene Dolgoff – The Man Behind the Holodeck


In more detail, topics we would be particularly interested in receiving ‘holonovels’ on (but not limited to):
· Artificial Intelligence
· Simulated and Virtual worlds, Telepresence
· Virtual – Augmented – and Mixed Realities (VR, AR, MR)
· Haptic technologies
· Cyberspace dramas, Narrative Environments
· Human Factors, Human-centred Design, User Experience
· Virtual Staging, Screenwriting techniques (e.g. screenplays, storyboards)
· Game design
· Social, political, legal, art or business applications

The holonovel should be essentially seen as a new medium, to be considered not just by engineers and scientists but also by artists and designers. This will ensure that many perspectives, affordances, boundaries and opportunities of this new medium can be considered before such technology actually exists. Therefore, we encourage contributions that cross professional boundaries, especially between the arts and sciences. Although papers based around fictional narratives are encouraged, we do not want to limit the content of the contributions, so we also welcome papers looking at aspects of the development of “holodecks” from any perspective.

Paper Submission:
· Workshop Paper Submission deadline – 1 May 2017
· Workshop Notification deadline – 1 June 2017
· Workshop Camera-ready deadline – 12 June 2017

The proceedings of the HOLODECK WORKSHOP will be published together with the proceedings of TIE 2017 by Springer and made available through LNICST. Papers must be formatted using the guideline from the guidelines from Author’s kit section.

More information:

(*STAR TREK, HOLODECK and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.)

Best Regards,
Conference Workshop Chairs,

Tiina Kymäläinen
Human Factors, Virtual and Augmented Reality, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.
Jim Hensman
Serious Games Institute, Coventry University