CFP: Alvar Aalto Researchers Network -seminaari 2017 – Why Aalto?

3. Alvar Aalto Researchers Network -seminaari 2017 – Why Aalto?
Jyväskylä 9.–10.6. 2017

CALL FOR PAPERS (in English below)

3. Alvar Aalto tutkijaseminaari, Alvar Aalto Researchers Network Seminar – Why Aalto?, järjestetään Jyväskylässä 9.-10.6.2017. Alvar Aalto -akatemia tuottaa tapahtuman yhteistyössä Jyväskylän kaupungin kanssa. Seminaari on englanninkielinen. Tapahtuman tarkempi ohjelma ja rekisteröitymislinkki julkaistaan 1.3.2017. Seminaarin Call for Papers on auki 1.2.-15.3.2017.

Call for Papers -ilmoitus englanniksi osoitteesta

3rd Alvar Aalto Researchers Network Seminar – Why Aalto?
9-10 June 2017 Jyväskylä, Finland


The 3rd Alvar Aalto Researchers Network Seminar – Why Aalto? is to be held in Jyväskylä, Finland, 9–10 June 2017. A detailed programme and registration link will be available online from 1 March 2017. Stay tuned!

The Alvar Aalto Academy invites researchers and practitioners to come to a research seminar and explore the question: Why Aalto?

The question provokes us to ponder, from a variety of perspectives, what Aalto means for today’s architecture. What are the special challenges of conservation, renovation or transformation of buildings or sites designed by Aalto? What are the special needs for the preservation or renewal of urban areas designed by Aalto? How are they to be adapted to the challenges of reuse, accessibility and new technical installations? Are there new concepts to add to Aalto’s values and theoretical thinking? What can be learned from specific areas of Aalto’s designs within the context of today, such as their relationship to sustainability and nature or to the understanding of history and local traditions? Possible themes are not limited to those listed above. The Alvar Aalto Academy is looking for innovative approaches and interesting responses to the question: Why Aalto?

The Call for Papers is open from 1 February–15 March 2017. Notification of acceptance of abstracts will be given by 30 March 2017. The deadline for final papers is 30 April 2017.

Please find the details on submitting an abstract for the seminar at

The Alvar Aalto Academy looks forward to receiving proposals in response to the call, and is happy to respond to enquiries from interested parties.

Further information and enquiries:
Nina Heikkonen
Alvar Aalto Academy
+358 44 500 1257


PDF: 3rd Alvar Aalto Researchers Network Seminar – Call forPapers