Doctor of Arts Seminar at Media Lab: A Study of Representations of Affections in Digital Era Media Archaeology of Affective Archive

Welcome to the first session of our Doctoral Seminar this semester.

Thursday 22. September 2016, from 17:00–19:00
Miestentie 3, OTANIEMI, 4th floor, room 429.

Hung Han Chen will present work on his doctoral dissertation on Affective Archives.
(See abstract below.)

Tervetuloa! Welcome!

Note that MA students are specially welcome to attend the presentation.

A Study of Representations of Affections in Digital Era.
Media Archaeology of Affective Archive.

Hung-Han Chen

This presentation discusses the representation of emotions in the digital era. My thesis is a media archaeology of representative affective media. I will present the introduction of my thesis that includes the research background, motivation, and research questions.

The main contribution of the thesis is the design of a tool that generates the representation of ontology of affects. The tool heavily depends on emotion theories in the digital era, therefore, my thesis is composed of studies of theories as well as practice.

The theoretical part of my thesis is influenced by affect theories and the affective turn in disciplines and discourses on feelings, emotions, and moods. The hypotheses and concepts of emotions are based on Henri Bergson and Gilles Deleuze’s theories. The practical outcomes of the thesis are digital tools that enable us to develop ontologies from various types of digital media archives including early 20th cinema samples. In these ontologies entities are used to represent complex emotions such as shame and personal digital footprint.