Mlab DA seminar Thu 17.3.2016

Second Mlab DA seminar of the spring 2016

Thu 17.3 in room 429,

Miestentie 3B, 5-7pm, welcome! 

Teemu Leinonen will tell about the design research carried out in the Learning Environments research group (

Eva Durall: Feeler: designing for reflection through EEG dataevadurall_nelio

In this presentation I argue that common media behaviors such as multitasking interfere meaningful learning practices like reflection, which requires focus and attention. During the session, I will summarize key ideas regarding reflection and awareness in learning and present Feeler, a prototype that seeks to foster awareness and reflection about mental states when performing academic tasks. Feeler uses a wearable device for self-monitoring electroencephalographic data and asks students to follow a specific learning script through a set of smart objects. These tools communicate with a digital app that visualizes students’ brainwave data once the study session has concluded. The research hypothesis about the Feeler context of use have been tested through a proof-of-concept role prototype. To date, six tests has been conducted with higher education students. Feeler tests data has been analyzed and used to identify technological and educational affordances connected to reflection in the prototype design. Based on Feeler’s analysis, I conclude that smart objects and wearable devices that monitor EEG data are valuable assets for fostering reflection due to its potential for provoking feelings and creating experiences.  In regard to the prototype’s educational affordances, Feels affords sense-making and knowledge building, reflection, inquiry, and transformation and change. The identification of these affordances is key for the development of learning technology that supports reflection and awareness.