A Lecture by Niklas Roy: Useless things. Aalto ARTS, Media lab, 4th floor lecture room, Friday 7.9.2012, 12:00

Niklas Roy is a Berlin based artist visiting Helsinki this week (http://www.niklasroy.com/) He mainly works on mechatronic installations and devices, and describes himself as an “inventor of useless things”.  But do not let that color too much your imagination, the things he does are immensely beautiful, elegantly simple and full of irony. Before this, he worked as director, as 3D animator and as visual effect supervisor for several international film productions

There will be something for everyone in his presentation, join us in the Media lab 4th floor lecture room this friday at 12, bring your lunch along. This will be a nice show & tell conversational talk.

Some links:


We make money not art  (2011) http://we-make-money-not-art.com/archives/2011/05/interview-with-niklas-roy.php#.UEc_QET_5GE).

Used Magazine (2012): http://usedmagazine.co.uk/?p=978