Invitation to the Communicum research workshop

We invite you to the Communicum research workshop. The workshop is a networking tool that enables researchers, teachers and doctoral students in Aalto University and the University of Helsinki to get acquainted with each others’ media and communication-related research questions and themes of interest.

The first workshop will take place on Monday 19th of December between 2 and 5 p.m. at the Aalto Töölö campus (School of Economics). After the workshop the participants can together enjoy small snacks and refreshments.

To participate in the workshop, please register by filling a form at by December 4th. Please include your name, contact information and, importantly, three themes that interest you the most in media and communication studies. These themes can relate either to research areas or methodology.

The participants will receive more information of the workshop in December.


The Department of Communication at Aalto ECON and Communication Studies at the Department of Social Research at the University of Helsinki set in motion the Communicum initiative in late 2010. The aim is to facilitate collaboration between researchers, teachers and students of media and communication at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. During the process also Aalto TAIK Department of Media and Aalto SCI Department of Media Technology have joined the Communicum project, as well as the Department of Economics and Management at the University of Helsinki.

In the beginning, a concrete output of Communicum has been the diversification of education through the facilitation of student mobility. In the second stage, researchers of media and communication from the two universities will be facilitated to get in touch with each other and outline possible joint research projects and other forms of co-operation.

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More information on Communicum:
Mikko Villi, mikko.villi[at], mob. +358-50-5692149
Merja Porttikivi, merja.porttikivi[at], mob. +358 50 312 0911

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