Fundamental questions of media aesthetics, autumn 2011

Theory course for doctoral students and advanced MA students. There is still place for some participants:

Fundamental questions of media aesthetics

The notion of medium constitutes a challenge for media research and philosophy as well as for artistic thinking. Medium is not simply a tool or format. Nor is it just an abstract mediation or a material mediator. At the same, the notion of medium encompasses all these aspects. Mediality is a theme that urges us to think of mediation and media in regard to the senses, technics and signification.

Samuel Weber’s writings deal with the theme of mediality in a multi-faceted way. Often the strating points of his analyses is made up by questions raised by thinkers such as Hölderlin, Kafka, Heidegger, Benjamin or Derrida. One central aspect of Weber’s media theoretical writings concerns the structure of time and space. The notion of virtuality constitutes another central topic for him. Third crucial notion that Weber ponders is ‘theatricality’. In this course, these notions, among others, will be studied in light of Samuel Webers writings.

The course functions as a preparation for the three-day -research seminar with Samuel Weber in week 50. All those who actively take part of this course are welcome to participate to Weber’s seminar.

Course status: Optional course for MA and doctoral students
Teacher in charge: Mika Elo, doctor of arts (together with Miika Luoto, lic. phil.)
Period: Autumn 2011
Time table: Session I: 23.9. 10-17; Session II: 28.10. 10-17; Session III: 15.11. 10-17
Learning outcomes: Philosophical insights concerning challenges of media theory
Content: Course consists of three whole-day sessions. Each of  them is a mixture of lecutres and text seminars. The focus in on fundamental questions of media aesthetics and on Samuel Weber’s writings.
Language of instruction: English
Grading scale: OK / –
Workload: 2-4 points

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