Research network – The Culture of Ubiquitous Information – Call

Dear network participants,

We are fast approaching the final activities in our Nordic research network. At the end of this week, a good number of us will have been in Stockholm to participate in the third seminar at KTH (, and immediately afterwards the editorial group behind the third journal issue to be published ( will set to work on their call for papers and the proposals arriving from those of you interested in contributing.

In November we will hold our final seminar (, and this will form the basis of the publication of our final book-length anthology ( We have a very strong set of confirmed speakers, and an equally promising set of very early expressions of interest to participate from at least twenty of you. This already appears the right kind of platform for a very interesting final publication project. This mail thus also to inform you that the call for papers is the same for the November seminar and the book publication. Proposals in the form of abstracts via email are welcome prior to September 1. So, please have a look at our website and let us hear from you within the next two weeks or so if you wish to contribute to the seminar, the book, or both!


Jay David Bolter
Lily Diaz
Maria Engberg
Lars Nyre
Lin Prøitz
Morten Søndergaard
Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen
Ulrik Ekman

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