Ilan Manouach’s Shapereader at Hippolyte

Between the 3rd and 19th of November Hippolyte will show Shapereader, an exhibition by Ilan Manouach (DA candidate in Aalto Visual Communication Design).

Ilan Manouach has developed a repertoire of shapes and forms that transform images and meaning into touchable, tactile formations. Shapereader is an experimental approach to comics and one of its aims has been to provide the visually impaired with a possibility to experience and enjoy graphic novels. Ilan Manouach worked at the Saari residence in 2013 and in 2014 he published the first graphic novel Arctic Circle employing Shapereader, with funding from the Kone Foundation.

The exhibition at Hippolyte will show Ilan Manouach’s continuing work with Shapereader. In connection to it Hippolyte will organize workshops aimed at a varied audience and encourage discussions around the related topics.

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