European University in St.-Petersburg: ”After Post Photography”

European University in St.-Petersburg:
”After Post Photography” conference 

Submission deadline: 22.1.2017.

With the third edition of After Post-Photography we will continue to explore how photographic images and realities – whatever they may be – are interconnected. We share the post-photographic critique that these connections are by no means stable as concepts such as indexicality suggest. Yet in particular the practices of using and perceiving photographic images treat the images as if they indeed were imprints, records, representations or models of realities. With the conference After Post-Photography 3 we aim in particular at reconsidering and reflecting how notions such as indexicality and the truth of the photographic image retain their validity and importance even after they were deemed obsolete.

The conference is intended as platform for multidisciplinary research within the domains of visual, cultural, scientific and technical studies, and the approaches to the specific subjects can be of historical, empirical or theoretical nature. The papers could address topics such as, but are not limited to:

  • Reconsidering the history and historiography of photography.
  • History of photography as a history of practices.
  • Applications of photographic processes for producing non-photographic images.
  • Photographic aesthetics for non-photographic images.
  • Applications of photography for memory, remembrance, and reconstruction.
  • Analog features in digital photography.
  • Pre- and post-production in photography and film.
  • Representing temporality by the means of photography and film.

In particular we encourage papers dealing with the mobilisation of photography by way of smart phones, tablets, drones, dash and body cams. We would like to discuss in more detail how the relation between the picture and the depicted change with these tools; we are interested in contributions that shed light upon the practices of how the resulting images are perceived and processed; and we would love to know more about the role and recording of metadata of all sorts inextricably connected to these images.

Please submit your application including a short summary of your paper (250-400 words) in English using the following link no later than 22 January 2017. NB that you should register at Easychair website to be able to submit your application. There is no participation fee.

We consider the possibility of on-line participation. Working languages of the conference are Russian and English. The conference materials are planned for publication.

Organizing committee: Maria Gourieva, Friedrich Tietjen, Natalia Mazur, Daria Panaiotti, Olga Davydova

Conference dates: 19.–20. May 2017.

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