Mlab Doctor of Arts seminar Thu 21 April 2016

Mlab DA seminar this Thu 21.4.2016 in room 429, Miestentie 3B, 5-7pm, welcome! 

Rasmus Vuori: Generative Storytelling

Merja Salonen: Noisy knowledge – the role of provocative art in business value creation


Rasmus Vuori: Generative Storytelling

In this presentation I will propose a set of components for a hierarchical metadata model for generative media system. The framework will be based on the original ontospatial model used in our previous Enactive Cinema-research, but expanded for more generalized use where context awareness, variable state change behavior and narrative inertia is required. Some key components in the model are, in addition to the metadata representation of meaning i.e ontospatial data, the addition of quantified valence variables (attraction and aversion) and parametric triggers that can initiate state changes. A few experimental changes to the original model of annotation with fuzzy data will also suggested, like the addition of a fuzzy void dimension in the onto space.

The development of this framework has been largely motivated as a toolset for authors of generative systems, but also looking into issues that many developers of mimicking AI systems have stumbled acress. In the proposed metadata framework a generative system can not only learn what to do, but also what to avoid.

At this stage the proposed framework is the latest addition of my research hypothesis regarding computational inertia in generative narratives, which initially will be tested on cinematic material but as a more generalized model could be applicable in much wider context, from computer games to automated chat bot applications.


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Merja Salonen: Noisy knowledge – the role of provocative art in business value creation

The presentation focuses on discussing my research plan. The study concentrates on exploring art-activism against corporations from the artist’s perspective questioning the motive, intention and definition of success. In order to indicate the value of art-activism to corporations, the impact of social media discussions along corporations’ reactions must be investigated.

Previous research in arts on business context indicates that deploying arts in business enhances the organization’s competence in corporate value creation. Arts and artistic capabilities are regarded as consultative skills in business development focusing on goal-orientated interaction between the artist and the business in question. Art-activism against corporations has been excluded from earlier academic research from business perspective.  Therefore, this study explores the relations and reflexions of art-activism which is targeted to corporations and presented in digital media. The qualitative research consists of 2 – 4 case studies in the field of contemporary art and documentary film. The study investigates the motives, intentions and reception of art-activism. The data collection consists of semi-structured interviews with artists and representatives at the corporations. Online survey complemented with netnography and online depth interviews are conducted with participants in social media.  The study aims to show the knowledge potential of the relationships between art-activism and social media participators in the context of customer understanding in corporations.


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