Media goes Accessible 2012 symposium, first day on 18.1.2012

The first accessibility symposium of Aalto University for faculty, staff and students where community members discuss thoughts and exchange ideas to improve and co-design our collaboration, communication and interaction in education and research. The symposium is organised by OOPA, VIPU and Media Factory. Enrol at if you seek to include all members of Aalto community in our daily activities.

Venue for session 1B: Media Factory, Aalto ARTS, Hämeentie 135 A (Wednesday afternoon)

Programme for the first day on 18.1.2012

12.00 Registration on site:
• Bring your company name tag (badge) with you, please, or make your own beforehand. This helps to memorise new people.

Welcome to Media Factory. Manager Juhani Tenhunen
FabLab in Action. Anu Määttä

Visualization: Simulation and Experience in New Media. Prof. Lily Díaz-Kommonen, Aalto ARTS

14.00 Coffee (on the house)

Challenge: Colours as noise. Harald Arnkil, Aalto ARTS
A solution: Designing of Understanding. Prof emeritus Tapio Vapaasalo

15.30 Workshop theme: The use of visualization outside the Design world (e.g. in Contract planning, or in Service blueprinting).
Moderator: Postdoctoral researcher Olivier Irrmann. SimLab, Aalto SCI

17.00 Closing remarks

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