Denise Turner’s Lecture, November 29, 2011, 10:00-11:30, Media Factory

Colorist Denise Turner’s Lecture, November 29, 2011, 10:00-11:30, Media Factory.
Color specialist and consultant Denise Turner will be giving an open lecture “Colors Unveiled” aimed for designers. Colors Unveiled is a fusion of Color Physiology, Color Psychology, Cultural Color and marketing. She will present some of the 2012 European color trends and what’s driving them. She give insight into the LOHAS phenomenon and how it’s changing color and design trends, explain how colors affect your emotions, behavior, energy level and health. She will also explain how CMG (Color Marketing Group) Color Forecasters track colors and trends; see how they turn their knowledge into sellable goods.

Denise Turner, ASID, CID, CMG is an award winning international colorist, certified interior, color & design trend forecaster, speaker, author and president of the Color Turners. She guides businesses and manufactures to achieve greater success with their own color, design and marketing dilemmas. Denise has been a student of Asian Studies for over 15 years, with an emphasis on health. She is an authority on Color & Culture, Color Psychology and Color Philosophy; she combines her unique background to enhance her client’s competitive edge. Denise regularly appears in press, as a spokesperson for ASID National and, CMG Expert Speaker’s Bureau. She’s the Color & Design Trend Columnist for Home Portfolio Magazine, CMG Chair holder, ASID professional member, former ASID chapter president and UCLA graduate.

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