Traveling to conferences and events

Dear all:

As you might know, the Doctor of Arts program has a small budget to be used for developing coursework, activities, as well as supporting the travel of students to events. This is a relatively new occurrence since in the past, we were not given a budget but rather dealt with items as they came along.

I have divided the budget and given some to Graphic Design and some to Photography. In the next few weeks I will make public how the funds  have been distributed.

In the meanwhile, I just want to remind you that if you want to travel abroad for a conference you need to follow these steps:

1. Rule number 1 is that you need to request the funds in writing. An A4 that contains the following information is enough: The name of the event, the dates, the location, and a URL plus a brief narrative explaining how your attendance will benefit your studies and finally, a budget.

2. The second rule is that in general, you must be presenting a paper or exhibiting your work as an artist/designer. If there is a paper or the documented results of an exhibition, such as for example an entry in an exhibition catalog, all you need to do is to forward me copies of these items.

3. Rule number 3 is that if you are given the permission and funding to attend an event in which you neither have a paper, nor you are participating in an exhibition, I need to have a report from you about the activity that describes your role in the event, and the significance of your participation for your studies.

To some of you this might seem cumbersome, however, consider that there was a time that you could only travel if you were presenting a paper. In the new system, we are trying to accommodate results such as art and media works. At the end of the day, we need to document and substantiate that the funds are being used wisely.

BR. Lily

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