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Dear colleagues and students,

the Center for Research on Activity,  Development and Learning (CRADLE) at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences of University of Helsinki is offering three opportunities to study activity theory and developmental work research in Helsinki,  Finland. The first one is our international summer school course  ‘Activity Theory and Formative Interventions’ that will take place in August 2011. The second one is the international Master’s  degree programme in adult education and developmental work research which is accepting applications for its next class that starts in the  fall of 2012. The third one is the Doctoral program for developmental  work research and adult education which is also accepting applications  for its next class that will start in January 2012.

Below we give very brief information about each one of the three programs.  More details can be found in the web pages of the three  programs (see the links below). Do not hesitate to contact anyone of  us if you have questions or need further information. Please forward this message to anyone who might be interested.


Yrjö Engeström, Professor
Director of the doctoral program and the Master’s program

Reijo Miettinen, Professor
Associate Director of the doctoral program

Annalisa Sannino, University Lecturer
Instructor in the Master’s program

Anu Kajamaa, Doctoral candidate
Coordinator of the summer school course

Auli Pasanen, Coordinator of CRADLE

Anne Vierros, Coordinator of the Master’s program

The Helsinki Summer School course  on ‘Activity Theory and Formative  Interventions’ (ATFI) will take  place from August 9 to August  25, 2011 at University of Helsinki, Finland. The course is aimed at  giving a rich introduction to activity  theory and developmental work  research for those interested in  pursuing further studies in this  exciting field.
Theory and practice will be brought together with the help of case   presentations and field visits to organizations in which formative    interventions have been carried out.
The number of participants is limited to 30 and only a few places are left. The   course will be held in English. The application form and further   information about the course can be found online here:


The Master’s Degree Programme in Adult Education and Developmental  Work Research started in 2006 and is based on the 20-year tradition of  developmental work research conducted in the CRADLE at the Institute of  Behavioural Sciences (IBS) of University of Helsinki. This is an  interventionist research approach rooted in cultural-historical  activity theory and internationally recognized as an innovative  framework to study work and learning. During their studies students are typically involved in research projects conducted in the CRADLE or in its partner organizations.

Beginning of the programme: 1 September 2012
Application period: 21 November 2011 to 31 January, 2012.
For more information, see:

The Doctoral program for developmental work research and adult  education (DWRAE) is a subprogramme of the Finnish Doctoral Porgramme  in Education and Learning (FiDPEL). Our doctoral program has been  running since 1995, and 30 doctoral dissertations have been produced  in it. In the first two years of this four-year program, the students  participate in intensive courses and seminars at the CRADLE. The students conduct  their research and work on their dissertations as full members of the collaborative CRADLE community and often within its larger research projects. For the class of 2012,  we have a limited number of places which come with full salary, and a number of places for students who bring their own funding.

For more information, see:

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