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Turnitin tool to support your writing and prevent plagiarism

Turnitin tool to support your writing and prevent plagiarism

Turnitin is a help for practising scientific writing. Practically, it is a submission box where an originality report is generated of the submitted texts. It helps students to improve their reference skills and advisors may use it to check texts.
Especially doctoral candidates about to turn in an article or manuscript are warmly recommended to take a look at the tool and learn to use.
Turnitin is available in MyCourses: Independent Turnitin Originality Checkworkspace in MyCourses (

Turnitin instructions

Before you start to use Turnitin, check out the instructions. Turnitin gives you an originality report of your text and you will probably have to read the instructions to understand the report fully.
Detailed instructions for students ( about submitting in Turnitin submission box, interpreting the originality report, viewing teacher’s feedback and tips for scientific writing (
If you have trouble using the Turnitin submission box, contact
Information about Turnitin in Finnish:

Doctor of Arts Seminar in Photography 16 Feb 2017

DOM-L0003 Valokuvataiteen jatko-opintoseminaari
Professori Merja Salo
Arabian kampus
Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki
9. krs, valokuvauksen tilat


Seuraava tapaaminen:

To 16.2.2017

Klo 10-12 Liisa Söderlund: väitöskirjan nykytilanne.
Klo 12-13 lounastauko
Klo 13-16 Hanna Timonen: Kyproksen konferenssin esitys ja kuulumiset.
Merja: Photographies -palautetta konferenssiabstraktien valmistelusta.

Tervetuloa! Welcome!