A Lecture by Severin Wucher on Monday, April 23, 2012, 15:00–17:00, lecture room 541

A lecture by Severin Wucher: The Interactive Research Table.

Severin Wucher is a designer working in Berlin-based Plural design network.
Severin Wucher’s lecture ends the graphic design course “Perspectives on Visual Communication”, but also other DOM students, researchers and staff members are invited to listen the interesting lecture next Monday.

The Interactive Research Table is a tool to collect, organize, analyse and present complex digital picture archives. Severin Wucher (http://www.pluralvisual.de/) began to develop the Interactive Research Table in 2010 when he worked as a guest professor at the Berlin University of Arts and made research on graphic design history in Germany.

“Doing research on visual objects and the question how to present the results: That is what museums and archives do, and it is a complex process.” Severin Wucher continues: “The use of databases or spreadsheet applications has been making it way easier to organise and overlook extensive research projects, but the researchers are faced with the problem that databases tend to be quite uncomfortable to use or demand an un-intuitive workflows.” – The Interactive Research Table, designed by Plural, gives one solution to that problem. Plural has won two iF Communication Design Awards in 2011.

Severin Wucher is a designer and consultant at Berlin-based design network Plural, specialised in Visual Systems, Editorial Design as well as in Design Research. He taught Information Design as a Guest Professor at the Berlin University of Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin) and at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle/Germany. He gives lectures, holds workshops and takes part in juries at numerous international universities and design-related institutions. Currently he is co-organizing a conference on reforming design education in Germany and is – which turns to be kind of life-task – working on his research project on the history of graphic design in Germany.

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