Summer job tips for Aalto students

It is very common in Finland to work during your long summer break. Job hunting normally starts in January, sometimes even before that. Like many Aalto students, I have gathered some summer work experience. As a fourth year Industrial Engineering and Management student I would like to share my tips for applying summer jobs and working in Finland as an Aalto student. 

Note: I am not a recruiter, these tips are based on my own experience 😊 

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The Åland Archipelago – Artist in Residence on Kökar

In the middle of the Baltic Sea, somewhere between Helsinki and Stockholm and surrounded by over a thousand small islands lies Kökar. This island in the southernmost part of Åland was already inhabited 3000 years ago. Today Kökar has a steady population of around 250 people. During the summer the island is a popular tourist destination but in winter the locals have their island pretty much for themselves. Only a few foreigners visit Kökar during those cold and rough December days. I was lucky enough to be one of them.  Continue reading

I graduate from Aalto University on New Year’s Eve.

Today, the last day of 2020, is my graduation date! I’ve enjoyed an incredible journey during my study at Aalto University.

Väre, School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Before Christmas, I visited the campus for one last time before graduation. I finished my last three ceramics pieces in the ceramics workshop, which has been my favorite place to ease the stress and cultivate my handcraft skills.

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Master’s thesis: blockchain technology + climate change

Writing my thesis in the Harald Herling Learning Centre.

I study the master’s program of Creative Sustainability in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Also, I took the EIT Climate-KIC program. I started working on my thesis research in 2019.

I preferred to write my thesis in different places to change the scenery from time to time. In the Otaniemi campus, I prefer the places with big windows that bring in sunlight and give me chances to relax my eyes by looking at nature outside. One of my favorite places is the Harald Herling Learning Center, where I could book a quiet room to study alone. My second favorite place is a quiet sitting corner in the Dipoli. Besides, there’s also a Creative Sustainability home base in Väre, which provides a quiet study space for students. These places helped me concentrate on my thesis.  Continue reading

Students of Aalto, Madina from Kazakhstan, English bachelor’s program – Chemical Engineering

Hello everyone! My name is Madina and I’m from Kazakhstan. Currently I’m studying a chemical engineering English bachelor’s program here at Aalto. This is my second year in Finland. Since I’m an international student I have some thoughts that I can share in this blog post about my first experience studying abroad.

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My Year at Campus Section

Campus Section

It all started on a cold dark night at Otaniemi, I was a new student and didn’t have much to do besides studies and I was quite eager to be part of Aalto community. I was already struggling to find my ground because I had arrived late in Finland and lost orientation week where most people find their bearings and find what they can do at Aalto. I was browsing through Aalto webpages and first thing I saw was that Campus section was recruiting for volunteers. I was a bit hazy on what it does but I applied still. Next thing I know I am already recruited and joining up with other volunteers. In start I was still feeling a bit of an outsider because mostly the volunteers were Finnish and I couldn’t relate much because I was already going through a cultural transition. Continue reading

Students of Aalto – Saad from Pakistan, Building Technology program

Hello/Moi/Salam/Namaste/Bonjour/Ni hao/Sup/Hola/Ciao. My name is Saad Azhar and I study master’s in building technology at Aalto and this is my second year here at Aalto and in Finland. I am from Pakistan and I did my bachelor’s in Civil engineering from there as well. I always wanted to go abroad and study and for me studying here has been a dream come true.

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