Students of Aalto, Shuangyi from China, Master’s Programme in Management and International Business

Hello Everyone! Moi!  

My name is ShuangyiAfter finishing my bachelor study in Hunan ChinaI went to Finland and started new journey. Now I’m finalizing my master studies in Aalto University School of Business, with my focus on international strategy and business analysis. 

Two years ago, I was on target to apply for a two-year English master’s degree program in Nordic countries. Actually at the very beginning, what attracted me was the well-designed website as well as the encouraging description of Aalto University — a community of bold thinkers where science and art meet technology and business.’ Besides, it also provides the Non-EU/EEA students with tuition fee waiver scholarship. Furthermore, the programme Management and IB of Business School really fits into my study background and interest. Find, compare, and eventually it makes total sense to apply for Aalto University. 

I think the best part of my studies in School of Business, is that we have many opportunities to build networks and engage in practically oriented business projectsfrom which you can apply theories into real-world business challenges. I really like the multidisciplinary and flexible study environment here. Even in some business coursesyou are likely to encounter students from arts or engineering field. Therefore it is easy to get to know people from various cultural or disciplinary backgrounds. I also took some elective courses beyond the realm of business, such as AI, acoustics, digital drawing, data analysis 

One more thing I’ love to share is the colorful activities and events in Finland. In summer, you could go hiking, jogging, pick blueberries and enjoy the bright sunshine on a lawn. In winter, it is also exciting to try some winter activities, build a Moomin Snowman, skiing, skating and even winter swim after a sauna (I would really want to try it next winter!). Besides, serenity of nature is the absolute highlight of my daily life in Finland, being far away from all the chaos and noise. 

I would like to say, I viewed my study and life in Aalto as definitely a memorable and wonderful journey, and I was so grateful for this experience and friends I met here. 

Hope to see you in campus soon! 

Shuangyi Chen
Management and International Business
Aalto study options
Contact email: aaltosquad(at)

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