Students of Aalto, Svitlana from Ukraine, Master’s Programme in Security and Cloud Computing (SECCLO) (Erasmus Mundus)

Hey, moiпривіт 

My name is Svitlana. I’m an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree student in Security and Cloud Computing from Ukraine. Just a year ago, I started my application process with a big hope to become an Aalto student, and I did. I clearly remember the moment of receiving the letter from Hogwarts (Aalto). I was speechless and delighted, my life was about to change, and this change was so exciting.   

Then a long waiting for the residence permitmany bye-byes to friends and family, plane, and Finland. I arrived in Otaniemi and spotted students in their colorful overalls. I had no idea what the purpose of those, why they have many patches, but I was thrilled to learn and get mine.  

Then a study year started. I meet my group mates, and from the very beginning, I felt a part of the community. Classes, study sessions, student organizations, new friends and memories, all I dreamed of. 

Now I’ve been here for 6 months, and I can honestly say – I love this place. I couldn’t even wish for better student years. Even during pandemic times, everything is better than I expected. And the best is yet to come! 

❤ Virtual hug 

Thank you for reading!

Svitlana Chaplinska
Security and Cloud Computing (SECCLO) (Erasmus Mundus)
Aalto study options
Contact email: aaltosquad(at)

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