The most photo worthy spots on the Aalto University campus and in Helsinki

Do you like taking pictures? Do you want to take some amazing photographs and post them on your Instagram account? Or are you simply looking for places to visit?

If you answered any of these questions with a “Yes” this post is definitely for you! Kasia and Madina collected 8 ideas of the greatest photogenic spots nearby Aalto. Click “Read more” and hopefully, get inspired by the post.

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What is Excu?

Excu is short for “excursion” and it means a short trip that implies leisure activities. At Aalto University excu is an organized visit to some company or organization by a group of students. Usually guilts and student associations are in touch with the representatives of different companies and organize those visits. The chosen companies of course function in a certain area of business that interests the student group and could become a future workplace for those students.

A couple of weeks ago I participated in one such excus organized by the Real Estate Economics student’s Association – FUNDI. We visited one of the buildings that were developed by HGR Property Partners – Accountor Tower in Keilaniemi district in Espoo. The building is 84 meters high and it is the 9th tallest building in Finland at the moment.

Façade of the Accountor Tower (YIT 2019)

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Mökille – an authentic way to enjoy the Finnish summer

It’s quite common that Finnish summer cottages situate on islands with a dense forest. Those white dots near the shore are summer cottages.

Mökille is the must-do for Finns in the spring and summer, it means going to the summer cottage in Finnish. Finns crave Mökille all year round. Why is that? There’s a joke about the real reason – so Finns can avoid people. We all know Finns love personal space and don’t like small talk. So once a while, they need to be left alone in the middle of nowhere.

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EntryPoint Mentoring Program for international students

EntryPoint Mentoring Program is organized by the Helsinki Chamber of Commerce once every year. This is a great program for international students or graduates who’d like to stay in Finland to build a career. This program matches mentees and mentors in the same or similar fields.

I joined the program from Jan till late May 2020.  It’s a 5-month journey full of inspiration. I highly recommend international students and new graduates to participate in this program. The new application is open now till Aug 31, 2020. Apply for it quickly.

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Blueberry Nights at Nuuksio

It’s mid-July and the first Mustikat begins to ripen and show their characteristic dark blue color between the conifer trees and the marshes. It’s the start of the berry-picking season and one of my favorite places to find blueberries is the Nuuksio National Park.

Nuuksion kansallispuisto was established in 1994. It’s only 30 km from the city center of Helsinki and easy to reach with public transport. From Aalto University you can take the metro and bus to Esbo and from there the 245A bus will take you right to the start of Nuuksio’s hiking trails.

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All the fun in my shared apartment

My single room in the HOAS shared apartment.

I remembered when I received a student housing offer from Hoas and there was not much information about how a shared apartment looked like. I was worried that it’s going to be my first home in a foreign country and what if the roommates are not nice.

Lucky me, those are unnecessary worries. I liked my room immediately when I first arrived. Windows were 4-meter wide, looking into a small green bush. Two Finnish roommates were friendly. The first roommate I met in the hall wall noticed that I just moved across countries and had nothing but two suitcases, kindly offered me to use all her kitchen stuff.

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Blooming spring and summer in Finland

Big hares and rabbits are bouncing everywhere in Helsinki. Even in  the residence area. Foxes are spotted from time to time as well.

I remember the first week after I moved to Finland, I was walking home after a long day at Aalto, there’s a black figure sitting in the dark ahead on my path near a small forest. I couldn’t figure out what it was, until it bounced away. Wow…that’s a big hare! After few weeks, I got used to seeing hares, squirrels, rabbits everywhere in Helsinki and Espoo. Not long ago, I even spotted two white-tailed deers next to a residensial area with hares and squirrels running around them. Just like walking into a Disney animation scene.

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