Summer in campus – nothing to do?

Summer is the favourite season for all Finns. It is finally getting warm, you can take off winter jackets, take longer strolls along the seashore… Many students are visiting their home towns/countries, many have summer jobs. The campus is much quieter these days. But it does not mean there is nothing else to do!

cherries blossom all around Helsinki in May

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Aalto Takeout provides devices to support students’ creation


Aalto Takeout booking system.

Aalto Takeout is the place where students and staff can borrow equipments for projects. The main mission is to support students’ artistic creation. Anyone has an Aalto IT account can make a reservation and it’s free of charge.

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FAQs for new Aalto students Part 1 (updated in April 2020)

Congratulations and Welcome to Aalto University!
Here are some frequently asked questions.

Please see all up to date information on admissions and the beginning of your studies on Aalto’s website ( or by contacting Aalto’s Admissions Services (admissions (at) or your programme’s student services.

♣Student housing

  • Two student housing organizations: Ayy & Hoas. Please apply for both once you accept the study offer. New students have higher priorities for getting a student housing. Please be aware that Ayy and Hoas could not accommodate all students.

When will I get a housing offer?

  • Ayy (Aalto Student Union) will only provide a housing offer one month prior to your request, for example, if you request to start on 01.08, the offer will be given in July not before.

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