Aalto Takeout provides devices to support students’ creation

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Aalto Takeout booking system.

Aalto Takeout is the place where students and staff can borrow equipments for projects. The main mission is to support students’ artistic creation. Anyone has an Aalto IT account can make a reservation and it’s free of charge.

My friend told me about Aalto Takeout in the end of my first year in 2018. I wish I would have learned about this great service earlier. When Aalto Takeout started a long time ago, the services  were provided in several different places and only offered for the students or staff in specific programs. After School of Arts, Design and Architecture moved from Arabia campus to Otaniemi in the summer of 2018, Aalto Takeout merged and now provides services in two places – Aalto Studios and Aalto Takeout.

Aalto Takeout is in the ground floor of Väre, next to Kipsäri restaurant.

For my own experience, I borrowed lights, reflectors to take photos of ceramics works. Therefore, the photos would have better quality for the portfolio. Also I borrowed microphones for filming. For both time, I went to Aalto Takeout directly to ask for the best equipments to fit my purposes. They all worked out perfectly and the loan period has been quite flexible.

Sound equipments

A selection of tradition SLR cameras and lenses.

Important reminders from the workshop master:
1. Please return the equipments on time
Aalto Takeout is to serve all students and staff, it’s very important to return the equipments on time for next users. If the return is not on time, it’s difficult to find the replacement, this has been a common issue.

2. Please cancel the reservation 
If you don’t need the equipments anymore, please cancel the reservation immediately.

3. For a large quantity, please book at least 2 months in advance
Aalto takeout supports teaching as well, teachers and assistants can make the reservation through email, especially if many equipments are needed, please book as earlier as possible.

4. Feedback is welcome for helping online reservation system develop

Feel free to check the Aalto Takeout website and make the best out of its service to make your projects greater.

Hsiao-Pei Liao,
Creative Sustainability Master Program

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