Aalto VR Hub – where you can create or experience VR world

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Aalto VR Hub is the best place to experience VR in Finland. – Eero Tiainen.

I found out about Aalto VR Hub from my friend Gautam Vishwanath who is major in Game Design. I went to its open-door introduction session one Thursday and was amazed by VR experience there. I realized that VR Hub is a great service and facility that is beneficial to both students and teachers. So I interviewer VR HUB organizer Eero Tiainen, he gave in-depth explanation about what VR Hub does

VR HUB is funded by Aalto Online Learning and supported by Aalto Studios. It is situated in the basement of Harald Herlin Learning Centre.

The organizer of VR HUB, Eero Tiainen, explains that VR HUB provides first-hand experience of virtual reality for studies and education. Both students and teachers with an Aalto user account can book VR HUB for courses or individual sessions to create or test their own VR projects. Every Thursday from 3 to 5pm, VR Hub has open-door introduction sessions for first-timers and those who wants to know more about VR. In the first video, he explains how VR HUB benefits students and help them to become an VR creator.

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In the second video, Eero shows what students and teachers can experience in VR HUB. For example, Aalto Virtual Planetarium provides an immersive tour of inner solar system, which “demonstrates Aalto space research.” This is so cool!¬†Another example is Tilt Brush, which allows users to create their own 3D world.

Take a closer look into Aalto Virtual Planetarium:
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If you haven’t experience VR before or you want to make your own VR projects or you’d like to create an amazing 3D presentation, VR Hub is a great place for you to do all of them. Discover more in Aalto VR Hub.

Wish you a joyful summer.

Hsiao-Pei Liao,
Creative Sustainability Master Program

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