FAQs for new Aalto students

Congratulations and Welcome to Aalto University!
Here are some frequently asked questions.

  1. Accommodations – Student Housing
  • Two student housing organizations: Ayy & Hoas

Please apply for both once you accepted the study offer. New students have higher priorities for getting a student housing. Please be aware that Ayy and Hoas could not accommodate all students.

  • When will I get a housing offer?

Ayy (Aalto Student Union) will only provide a housing offer one month prior to your request, for example, if you request to start on 01.08, the offer will be given in July not before.

  • Can I move in few days before the lease starts?

It depends, for Ayy, if the tenant moved out earlier, you might get the key few days before.

  • How much does it cost?

It depends on the type, size, location of the room and the age of leasing building. Both Ayy & Hoas have student housing in Helsinki and Espoo, some close to Otaniemi campus, some not at all. The building address and information are listed on the website. Generally, a single room in the shared apartment or an ensuite single room with a shared kitchen in the common area costs around 250-350 euros. The rent of a studio usually starts from 450 euros.

  • What if I don’t receive an housing offer before coming to Helsinki?

You can apply for emergency housing in Ayy.


  • Not-furnished room for degree students

The furnished room is usually only provided for exchange students. For degree students, most of rooms have only a closet. A studio room and a shared apartment might have more, such as stove, oven, kitchen cabinets. Please be prepared that you will need some time to buy furniture before the school starts.

  • Where to get second-hand furniture?

second-hand cheap furniture and utilities from the Recycling Centres 

They have a big shop in Espoo, where a lot of students go in the beginning of the semester. AYY is also doing a collaboration with them where you can rent different “packages” and return them later. Check out https://viako.fi/en/

Teekkarikylän Markkinat | Teknologbyns marknad | Teekkari Village’s Market “The group is aimed at the people of Aalto and Teekkarikylä/Otaniemi.”

Helsinki Rent, Sell, Lend, Give away

UFF & Fida

You can find these two second-hand stores in Helsinki and Espoo, they sell clothes, shoes, kitchen cutlery, curtains and so on. Fida provides student discount.


  1. When can I discuss my study plan?
  • You can discuss your study plan with the program director and study coordinator in the beginning of first semester.
  1. Living Expense per month
  • The school suggests 800 euros per month.
  • The rent is explained as above.
  • Public transportation: 32.80 euros per month (AB zone, student discount)
  • Student meal: 2.6 euros per meal. The student meals are provided not limited to Aalto campus. Every student (not included PhD) can have student meals everywhere in Finland, in other universities, or any restaurants providing it. Some restaurants are also open on Saturday. Please download the app “Kanttiinit”, which shows daily menu and locations of each restaurant in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Students get discount for coffees in the student canteen as well.
  • App – Kanttiinit shows everyday menu of each restaurant with student meals.
  • Student cafeteria on campus
  • Dine out: generally, a dish starts from around 10 euros. Some of them provides student discounts.
  • Study materials – most of mandatory readings are provided in PDF documents on mycourses. (a platform for courses materials)
  1. Can I get a summer job?

How to Find a Summer Job in Finland? 
Aalto provides Career Services:


  1. Can I get a part-time job?

Yes, if you’re active, it’s possible to get a part-time job in the university and in cities. It’s also possible to get one if you don’t speak Finnish. Helsinki is quite an international city.


  1. Student insurance: the immigration office has clear information and suggests insurance companies.


  1. Student Health Care

The enrollment fee includes the student health care service provided by YTHS. There are two student health care centers in Töölö and Otaniemi. Most of services are free of charge, unless it requires a specialized doctor appointment, such as dentist and dermatologist and etc.

More info:
Services free of charge
Services subject to charge

  1. Gym and sports activities

there are a lot of different sports organisations at Aalto  , and then there is also UniSport (student discount for yearly membership fee, 145 euros)

Price in Unisport


  1. Tutors from each program

Each program has two or several tutors of 2ndor 3-year students to help new students in the summer and the beginning of first semester. Tutors will contact new students in June. They will organize activities, answer questions and provide guidance.


  1. Campus Tour

About Otaneimi Campus, how to book a space and where to look for lunch:

  1. How to get student ID & IT account?

Please go to student services after you arrive in Finland.

Please check out Aalto Student Services

Other information:

How to settle down for new Aalto students? (Information might be different after 2 years)


12. Study residence permit

All non-EU international students have to apply for a study residence permit. Please apply it through Finnish immigration office. The law and regulations has changed, if you have any questions related to a study residence permit, please contact immigration office for updated and accurate information.

Wish everyone a smooth trip to Finland and an amazing start in Aalto University.

Aalto Squad.

(Information collected from Aalto Squad Members and edited by Hsiao-Pei Liao)

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