Spreading the word about Aalto University in Costa Rica

During my visit to my home country, I had the pleasure to introduce Aalto University’s master’s programmes to several students from Veritas University in San Jose, Costa Rica. My aim was to raise interest about Aalto’s study opportunities and build a stronger collaboration between the two countries as a student ambassador of the MA programme in Creative Sustainability.

National Theatre, San Jose, Costa Rica

National Theatre, San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica and Finland are two very different countries. Yes, I’m sure you might be thinking about one having warmer temperatures than the other, but the truth is that they both share something in common: nature. By building on this similarity, I then introduced Finland and the master’s programmes of Aalto University to all the students. I wanted from the very start to literally “break the ice” and the fear of experiencing a cold country. As I once heard in Finland, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing”.

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Systems Thinking for Sustainable Living Environment

During the 3rd period I participated in the course Systems Thinking for Sustainable Living Environment, which is mandatory for students of Creative Sustainability and Spatial and Transportation Engineering Master’s programmes. We had 6 intense lectures in the Harald Herlin Learning centre in Otaniemi with teachers Katri Pulkkinen and Aija Sta ans. The aim of the course is to make us students think in systems and understand di erent system concepts related to sustainable development.
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My visit to Teekkari Museum

Teekkari (technical students) museum is a must visit place at Aalto University. It preserves a great history of teekkaris. Some of the items are over 2 centuries old. Moreover, it brings together different components of teekkari culture in one place. In this post, I’ll introduce you to some major elements of teekkari culture but this is, by no means, a substitute for a visit to teekkari museum.

From the museum, you can find for example an overalls and Teekkari caps, the most prestigious symbol of a teekkari community. It’s design dates back to 1893. This cap is to be worn from 1st May to 30th September. Apart from these dates, special permission is required to wear this cap on occasions such as excursions or graduation ceremonies.

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Building Interest for Aalto University in Taos, New Mexico

New Mexico
During my Christmas holiday, my family and I spent a month in the sparsely populated ‘city’ of Taos in New Mexico, USA. As an Aalto Ambassador seeking prospective American students, my aim is to recruit interested parties from all regions I visit for both business and leisure purposes. As a result of this, I am able to attract talent from parts of the country that would otherwise go overlooked.

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Freedom in selection of study subjects helps students to cope with the future challenges

China’s tycoon, Jack Ma, recently said that we need to reform our educational system in a way that will help our next generations to cope up with the age of machines. Although the gist of the conversation was that automation and robotics are going to replace human beings in future and unemployment will be a severe problem if not tackled with adopting new educational system.

Finland is truly a world leader in education when it comes to adopting and setting new standards of education. Freedom of selection of subjects is one of the greatest benefits of studying at Finland and Aalto University takes it to higher level with its world class research labs and faculty. Whether a student is from business technology or from school of design, he/she can always join any course offered from School of Engineering or School of Science. Even if someone is interested in joining a particular subject.

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My visit to to Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in China

It is not the first time that Aalto University makes connections with this one of the three oldest art colleges in China – Hubei Institute of Fine Arts(HIFA). In 2015, there was visiting professors giving lectures and organizing workshops at HIFA.

However, students and teachers from HIFA had a chance to get to know Aalto from a fresh and different perspective – a presentation given by Aalto Student Ambassador who come from current students at Aalto, me Yuzhou Wang.


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