The Curious Case of a Time Travelling Letter

It would be an ordinary day for most of you following same routines to get up have breakfast and go to school or work. To me it was special because today was my birthday. As I was anxiously looking for the greetings I may have received, I got an email you have received an email from March 2016”. I was swept away from my feet and immediately anxious to know its contents.  

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Students of Aalto, Shuangyi from China, Master’s Programme in Management and International Business

Hello Everyone! Moi!  

My name is ShuangyiAfter finishing my bachelor study in Hunan ChinaI went to Finland and started new journey. Now I’m finalizing my master studies in Aalto University School of Business, with my focus on international strategy and business analysis. 

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Students of Aalto, Svitlana from Ukraine, Master’s Programme in Security and Cloud Computing (SECCLO) (Erasmus Mundus)

Hey, moiпривіт 

My name is Svitlana. I’m an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree student in Security and Cloud Computing from Ukraine. Just a year ago, I started my application process with a big hope to become an Aalto student, and I did. I clearly remember the moment of receiving the letter from Hogwarts (Aalto). I was speechless and delighted, my life was about to change, and this change was so exciting.   

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