SECCLO – Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Program in Security and Cloud Computing

Hi, my name is Svitlana, and in this blog post, I’ll tell you about my study program and why clouds have to be secure. 

To start with, I am a first-year Master’s student of the SECCLO program. 

What is SECCLO? 

SECCLO is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Program in Security and Cloud Computing. During which students have an opportunity to study in 2 universities and receive 2 degrees. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

Why is it so great? 

  1. Two university degrees instead of just one 

The consortium of the program consists of six highly ranked technical universities. Aalto – in Finland, KTH – in Sweden, NTNU – in Norway, DTU – in Denmark, UT – in Estonia, and EURECOM – in France. 

Students start studies at Aalto University. After the first year, they go to the secondyear university following one of the specializations, including Communications Systems, Information Security, Reliable Distributed Systems, Cryptography, Big Data Security. (I’m going to KTH to continue my studies within the Communications Systems specialization.) 

  1. International Community 

For the lengths of the program, you’re part of the international community. Your classmates are from all around the world. You all have different perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas. Which creates a perfect environment for both personal and professional growth. (I have classmates from more than 18 countries) 

  1. Well designed study curriculum 

SECCLO’s curriculum is built to combine strong security knowledge with hands-on R&D skills, which gives you a plethora of work opportunities. Moreover, an internship is a part of studies, so you can apply your knowledge in the industry or academia. (I just started my Internship as a Cloud Developer in Ericsson) 

  1. Scholarship 

You can get a scholarship that will cover your tuition feeand even living expenses. So, you don’t have to be worried about money and you can entirely focus on studies. 

  1. Great career asset 

Security and Cloud Computing – hot topics nowadays. We’re all using cloud-based services daily (maybe even without knowing that). 

Where do you store your pictures? In Google Photos? If yes, that’s a perfect example of the cloud! 

More and more services are migrating to the cloud, and security threats are becoming more advanced every year. That’s why the combination of cloud and security is a great career asset. 

If you’re interested in security, cloud computing and you’d like to be a part of the international community – SECCLO is a perfect option for you!  

Read more about this study program at the SECCLO website.

❤ Virtual hug 

Thank you for reading!

Svitlana Chaplinska 
Security and Cloud Computing (SECCLO) (Erasmus Mundus)
Aalto study options
Contact email: aaltosquad(at) 

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