Building Interest for Aalto University in Taos, New Mexico

New Mexico
During my Christmas holiday, my family and I spent a month in the sparsely populated ‘city’ of Taos in New Mexico, USA. As an Aalto Ambassador seeking prospective American students, my aim is to recruit interested parties from all regions I visit for both business and leisure purposes. As a result of this, I am able to attract talent from parts of the country that would otherwise go overlooked.

Taos is a quaint little town serving as a longtime artist colony. Many inhabitants and visitors are attracted by the sprawling landscape akin to that featured in the famous American series Breaking Bad. The traits that mostly intrigued me were the community of craftsmen and the largely supportive culture of homeopathic wellness as well as the production and consumption of local food and goods.

Taos, New Mexico – In the Land of Enchantment, I met a wonderfully hospitable family who welcomed me to their home for a farm-to-table breakfast.



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