Freedom in selection of study subjects helps students to cope with the future challenges

China’s tycoon, Jack Ma, recently said that we need to reform our educational system in a way that will help our next generations to cope up with the age of machines. Although the gist of the conversation was that automation and robotics are going to replace human beings in future and unemployment will be a severe problem if not tackled with adopting new educational system.

Finland is truly a world leader in education when it comes to adopting and setting new standards of education. Freedom of selection of subjects is one of the greatest benefits of studying at Finland and Aalto University takes it to higher level with its world class research labs and faculty. Whether a student is from business technology or from school of design, he/she can always join any course offered from School of Engineering or School of Science. Even if someone is interested in joining a particular subject.

An example of this is students from various taking part in Industrial Gala of Marine Tech last December in an effort to build innovative design of modern cruise ships. Project truly depicted the fact that with the brains of various fields on one platform, comes a design that can improve the comfort of life for us. The project being highly appreciated by industry will establish a new standard for cruise ships.

If you are a student from mechanical or mechatronics background but are interested in learning MRI and potential health industry trend then you can join a professor with a background in the specific area and this can be your first step towards a potential start-up- you never know you may come up with an improvement would transform the technology.

Similarly, students from every field are being trained to approach the world challenges in their projects and come up with ideas that can help in resolving those issues. Since computers are the future so this freedom in selection of subjects really comes in handy when any student wants to learn the computer programming skills that are required to cope up with the future challenges.

Whether you want to learn something about Geoinformatics, Business, Public Relations or any other technology, fear not, Aalto is the home you should dream of. Every skill that you are going to acquire will be exactly what you need to make sure you are the one who design the machine and have the skill set that will help you in defining future of human life.

Picture: Aalto University Material Bank

Picture: Aalto University Material Bank

By Waqas Ahmad

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