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Are you a student at Aalto or interested to study at Aalto? At Aalto we believe in solving real life problems and finding solutions of modern-day challenges. Aalto research laboratories from a diverse range of fields are working intensely to advance the modern-day civilization. Students can also become backbone of this driving force by becoming Research Assistants. Today we will see from the lens of two research assistants Saad and Kasia on how it is like is being a Research Assistant at Aalto and how you can also become one. 

Hey, I am Saad and I study Building Technology at Aalto as a master’s student. When I came to Aalto I was interested in a lot of topics, but Automation iConstruction was something that caught my eye right from start. My academic advisor was also heading the same research team so during my initial meetings with him I came to know all about 3D scanning of buildings and use of robotics in buildings. I was invited to attend his weekly meetings to know more about what was going on. I asked the professor myself that if he had any research positions open so I can also learn more about the state-of-the-art research going on. Luckily, I was offered a position with a group and over the course of 10 month I worked in the lab along with studying courses. Working as a Research Assistant also boosted my deep and practical understanding on the subjects that I was taking at the time. 

To all the people at Aalto or coming at Aalto I would suggest that always ask the professors of subjects you are super interested in because even if there may not be open positions you may get a yes to work along and many positions can also be paid depending upon funding. I also wrote a report on my work in the end and got 5 credits for it, so this was a winwin situationYou can learn more about my BIM lab here. 

Hello! My name is Kasia. I study my Master’s in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering in the Functional Materials major. I worked as a Research Assistant last summer and then continued part-time in the autumn.  

I joined the Multifunctional Materials Design research group already in January 2020 to take a 10 cr course called Personal Research Assignment (PRA). For a long time, I was interested in smart materials and wearable technology. Thus, this particular research group sounded like a great fit. I sent my CV and a motivation letter to the professor and got a positive response. At the end of the period, I got offered a paid summer job on the topic of color-changing strain sensors 

My job as a Research Assistant taught me new research techniques, like spin-coating, dip coating, or RGB analysis, and enhanced my writing skills. My reports look now much better than when I started my studies. Currently, I am completing a manuscript that will be submitted to a scientific journal, which makes me appreciate my research achievements 

If you are interested in becoming a Research Assistant, just as we were, keep looking for job offers at webpages of the faculties. You can also check the AScI program that opens annually to applicants from and outside of Aalto 

Thank you for reading 😊   

Saad Azhar
Building Technology
Katarzyna Wojdalska
Functional Materials
Aalto study options
Contact email: aaltosquad(at)

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