Teacher’s Handbook – your go-to guide on teaching at Aalto University

Teacher's Handbook illustration: main image

The Aalto University Teacher’s Handbook is an online guide for teaching at Aalto University. It provides practical information on teaching practices, digital platforms for teaching and learning, and physical learning spaces for teaching. In addition, the section ‘For a new teacher’ guides new teachers towards essential information on how to get started with teaching at Aalto.

While Aalto University is a multidisciplinary university with different teaching traditions and needs, and each teacher has their own personal style and preferences for teaching, there are also some common measures that teachers need to take in each course. In the ‘Teaching practices’ section of the handbook, you will find information on these measures and how to take them into consideration before, during and after your course.

If you have ever wondered which digital platforms to use to facilitate teaching and learning and which of them are best suited for your specific needs, the ’Digital platforms for teaching and learning in Aalto University’ section is for you. It presents the core digital platforms Sisu and MyCourses along with a comprehensive list of other digital platforms that facilitate everyday tasks in both contact and online teaching.

On the other hand, you can also find information on physical learning spaces in the handbook under the section ‘Learning spaces for teaching’. This section answers your questions from how to get access to learning spaces to how the spaces are developed, and everything in between.

Finally, the section ‘For a new teacher’ gathers the most essential things from a new teacher’s perspective – making it the place to start reading the handbook if you are new to Aalto University. The section offers checklists for a new teacher’s first steps including useful links to more information.

You can find the Teacher’s Handbook here:

Since our mission is to provide teachers with accurate, accessible, and up-to-date information, we will develop the Teacher’s Handbook in an ongoing process based on the feedback we receive.