MyTeaching Support – your solution to digital and pedagogical issues 

Have you seen this button in your course workspace in MyCourses? 

MyTeaching Support is a service that allows you to seek assistance on digital and pedagogical issues that Teachers Service team offers. By using MyTeaching Support, you can: 

  • Get advice on using digital teaching tools effectively. 
  • Discuss about supporting students’ learning processes. 
  • Address any technical problems in MyCourses or related systems. 
  • Receive guidance on developing your course digitally or pedagogically. 

MyTeaching Support form automatically captures your name, email, and the page from which it was opened in MyCourses, such as the course homepage, an activity, or a resource page. You can choose the specific topic and system(s) your question is about. This means you no longer need to remember specific digital system emails; MyTeaching Support covers those all, including pedagogical support. MyTeaching Support is also available on Teaching and learning.  

MyTeaching Support – your one-stop solution for all your pedagogical and digipedagogical questions.