Did you know that unviewed Panopto videos will eventually enter into an archived state?

Illustration of VHS cassette in frost with Panopto logo.

Any videos that remain unviewed for three years are automatically transferred into this mode. While these archived videos may not be immediately accessible for viewing, they can be regained and restored by both Creators and Viewers. This feature enables users to conserve educational content without it occupying space in the main Aalto Panopto library.

Restoration of these archived videos may require up to 48 hours. Once successfully restored, the video will regain its viewable status and can be found in its original folder. It’s important to note that even though these archived videos won’t be displayed during casual browsing of the library, they remain visible in MyCourses and other locations where they’ve been published. This functionality allows for archived content to always be retrievable and never fully ‘lost’ to users.

If you attempt to access an archived video from the MyCourses embedded viewer, a message will prompt: ‘This video is archived and must be restored from the archive before it can be viewed.’ To restore the video, select the ‘Restore from Archive’ text link.

Within your Panopto folders and search results, archived videos will be marked with a grayed-out thumbnail and an Archive icon overlaying it. Authorized users can hover over this icon and select the ‘Restore from Archive’ button to initiate the restoration process.

Upon restoration of a video, the Creator will receive an email notification featuring a link to the newly restored video along with information about who performed the restoration. The archiving feature will officially be activated on February 15th. Maintaining a tidy Panopto library can be aided by permanent deletion of content that has become obsolete. If you wish to convert old unviewed Panopto videos into an instantly playable format, now is the optimal time to review them.