Course analytics for teachers in MyCourses

In 2022, IntelliBoard, a learning analytics platform, was introduced to MyCourses. IntelliBoard is an external service that reads MyCourses data and creates reports for users to see within the MyCourses platform. The service allows teachers to view analytics for individual courses or compare data between multiple courses. For students, the system provides views on their personal progress and bahaviour within the course spaces.

The data

All the data used in IntelliBoard reports comes from MyCourses. The usefulness of the reports in helping teachers during or after the course depends on the data collected from course space. Utilizing activities, grading activities, and the completion tracking system in MyCourses will generate data that contributes to more detailed IntelliBoard reports and monitor views. If a teacher predominantly relies on external systems for teaching, the IntelliBoard reports in MyCourses may not accurately reflect their actual teaching activities.

Other reports in MyCourses

In the course space, there are also other reports available for teachers. The course navigation in the course space includes a link to Reports, which includes multiple individual reports. All the data in these reports uses the same source as IntelliBoard. The difference is that IntelliBoard combines some of these reports together to provide a more comprehensive analysis.

Read more about reports and views for teachers in MyCourses help and IntelliBoard help pages.