Changes in MyCourses text editor Panopto button behaviour

Screenshot image of MyCourses text editor box with highlighted Panopto button.

The text editor in MyCourses has undergone an update in relation to the Panopto button functionality. Users should note that the previously embedded video button has been removed from the editor. In order to access the button, the course space must have the Panopto block installed. Once the block has been added and the course has been provisioned, the Panopto button will be visible in the text editor. With the new update, users will no longer need to have their sharing permissions synced by signing in via single sign-on before watching embedded videos. Additionally, creators will no longer need to update sharing permissions for videos that are stored outside the course folder when embedding content. A user clicking on a video embedded in a course with the new LTI-based Panopto button will be granted permission to watch only that video, regardless of the sharing permissions set on the folder or video.