Group members – a new tool in MyCourses

A new tool Group members was added in to MyCourses during December update. With this activity teacher can show student groups they belong, other group members names and selected contact information. Tool can be very handy when teacher need to inform students about groups they belong to.

How to use it?

First make sure you have groups set up in course space. When this is done go to your course page and add an activity or resource -> Group members. First select grouping if you want to use only groups is specific grouping. If not, go to Show groups setting and use Only own group. With this setting student can see all groups they belong to, as well other students in these groups.

Teacher to remember

  • Usually, Teacher do not belong to any group so teacher do not see anything on this page. To check if activity works teacher need to be in any group.
  • More is less when showing information. Use this tool when needed and show only information that is really needed.
  • Activity is limited so that only users in course with student role can see the activity. So if user is not part of the course this tool is completely hidden from user.

See more about the groups, grouping and group members tool in MyCourses help