FeedbackFruits is here – a new alternative for peer assessment

Are you looking for tools to create engaging peer assessment activities for your autumn courses?

Image generated using the prompt "Peer assessment done with technology," by Adobe Firefly (​
Image generated using the prompt “Peer assessment done with technology,” by Adobe Firefly (​

As of December 2023, the peer assessment tool Peergrade is no longer in use. However, FeedbackFruits has come to replace it and is now available on MyCourses.

Creating a FeedbackFruits activity is a straightforward process. On your MyCourses workspace, begin by switching Edit mode on. Then, click on ‘Add an activity or resource’ and select FeedbackFruits from the Activities tab.

Proceed to name your activity and click ‘Select content’ to start editing the activity on the FeedbackFruits pop-up window.

Please note, to edit and save changes in FeedbackFruits activities, you must have a Teacher role. Those with a Teacher MC role on your MyCourses workspace might not be able to save changes on a FeedbackFruits activity.

The current tool available on FeedbackFruits is “Peer review”. With this tool, students can make submissions, and review their peers’ work, individually or in groups. Peer review on FeedbackFruits is very flexible, allowing the teacher to customize its settings such as the collaboration type, anonymity settings, grading mix, deadlines, and granting also the option to add or remove steps to the activity.

Creating an activity on FeedbackFruits automatically generates a grade column in the Grader Report. Once grades are published on FeedbackFruits, they are transferred to the MyCourses Gradebook.

For more detailed instructions, visit the FeedbackFruits instructions in MCHelp or the FeedbackFruits own Help Center at these respective links: MCHelp, Help Center.

In addition to Peer Review, FeedbackFruits offers several tools that may spark your interest – you can reach out to MyTeaching Support if you would like to learn more or are interested in trying one of them out.

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out other collaboration tools available via MyCourses.