MyCourses for large courses

Growing student numbers have increased the need for scalable teaching solutions and technology has been an ally in tackling this challenge. Teacher services is offering for the first time a training focused on MyCourses usage in large courses.

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MyCourses offers diverse features that can help creating a positive learning experience and reaching learning outcomes with larger groups of students while avoiding an overload of the teaching resources.

While the definition of large courses varies according to the subject taught, this training is meant for teachers who have noticed a need for scalability support in their courses. The focus will not be on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) but rather on degree courses where teachers and teaching assistants are expected to interact with students, and there are synchronous teaching elements. 

The first session will focus on selecting and setting up scalable activities on MyCourses that support communication, interaction, and group work. Also covering the use of MyCourses grades, rubrics and marking guide.

The second session will cover assessment options in large courses. There will be parallel sessions discussing the use of Stack for mathematical assignments and FeedbackFruits, our new peer assessment tool that was adopted this spring in Aalto. The use of Safe Exam Browser (SEB) and EXAM system will be introduced in the joint session.

The training is suitable for experienced teachers looking to brush their skills, teachers planning new courses and for teaching assistants that are helping in editing courses and creating activities.

Note that you can join either both training or just one of them.

MC for large courses I (Student communication, Group work, Gradebook setup): 12.6.2024  9:30-12:30

MyCourses for Large Courses 1: Student communication, Group work, Gradebook setup – Workday (

MC for large courses II (Assessment options in Large Courses, Automated assessment with Quiz, Stack) : 14.6.2024 12:30-14:30​

MyCourses for Large Courses 2: Assessment options in Large Courses, Automated assessment with Quiz AC, Stack – Workday ( 

Not as thrilled about mathematical assignments? That’s okay! We’ll also be running a separate session on Peer Assessment Solutions. Here, we’ll also have a look at FeedbackFruits, a cutting-edge peer assessment tool that Aalto adopted this spring.

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