Introducing the Zoom Cloud Recording integration with Panopto

Do you frequently share your recorded Zoom lectures on MyCourses? We’re excited to announce a more convenient and efficient way to record and share your Zoom lectures with the new Zoom-Panopto integration. In the new Zoom cloud recording option, once Zoom meetings are recorded in the Zoom cloud, they are immediately saved to Panopto and can be found under the user’s  Panopto My Folder in the “Meeting recordings” – a folder that is created in the process. This requested feature helps save time by eliminating the cumbersome uploading process, providing a more seamless experience in publishing recorded lectures in MyCoureses.

In essence to use this new feature just select the “Record to the cloud” section in the Zoom record function. More detailed instructions and suggested settings for recording lectures in Zoom can be found here LINK. This cloud recording requires a user to have Aalto-Panopto account so if you have never used Aalto-Panopto make sure you first log in to Panopto at to create an account.