Get machine-generated captions within seconds for your videos

Besides improved accessibility for people who are deaf or hard of hearing captions on videos increased engagement and watch time, as people tend to watch videos longer when they have captions. Also captions gives better understanding of the content for non-native speakers or viewers who might have difficulty understanding the spoken language in the video.

Every video uploaded into Panopto (whether it was created with Panopto or not) is machine-transcribed using ASR (automatic speech recognition technology) and thus making your videos accessible can be achieved with just couple of clicks.

To add these machine-generated captions within seconds go to Panopto editing mode and simply select “Captions” from the menu on the left side and choose “Import automatic captions” from the drop-down as shown here. Once the ASR-generated captions have populated, you can either edit them to ensure they are close to 100% accurate or simply click “Publish”.

AI behind ASR keeps getting better every day so be curious and have a look how well Panopto machine-generation engine handles your lecture.  Manually editing the captions to be flawless is laborious indeed but the point is that 90% accurate captions in many cases are better than no captions at all. Also all videos unless intended for one time short period distribution and usage must have captions by legislation.

Captioning instructions

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