Surviving Helsinki prices as a student 

We all know Helsinki is not a cheap place to live. And for students, especially international ones it might be hard to figure out how to not spend your whole budget before the month is out. Let’s not mention that corona has shaken up most people’s economies. 

But still, there are ways to not spend as much. Though I might not be the most knowledgeable in the matter (I’m sure some finn will have a lot more tips) I think my past year in Helsinki has taught me how to not end up eating macaroni for the last days of the month. So here I am, sharing my knowledge. 

First, I’ll say that to live cheap you must put in a little effort, sacrifice a few things but after a while, it will all come easy to you. 

I really recommend making your monthly budget and estimating how much you can spend each week on different things. Try to stay under your budget and by the end of the month you can get yourself a gift or save up for something bigger. If you exceed your budget, looking into what you can spend less on. 

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Students of Aalto – Saad from Pakistan, Building Technology program

Hello/Moi/Salam/Namaste/Bonjour/Ni hao/Sup/Hola/Ciao. My name is Saad Azhar and I study master’s in building technology at Aalto and this is my second year here at Aalto and in Finland. I am from Pakistan and I did my bachelor’s in Civil engineering from there as well. I always wanted to go abroad and study and for me studying here has been a dream come true.

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Students of Aalto – Zina from Argentina, Design Program

In this series – Students of Aalto, we share study experience and student life at Aalto.

Aalto Squad member – Zina Marpegan

Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m Zina, a second year in the English Bachelors Programme in Design and Squad member. I’m from Argentina, lived there most of my life except for the five years I spent in Missouri, USA. I’m also a French citizen but I haven’t lived in France yet.

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The most photo worthy spots on the Aalto University campus and in Helsinki

Do you like taking pictures? Do you want to take some amazing photographs and post them on your Instagram account? Or are you simply looking for places to visit?

If you answered any of these questions with a “Yes” this post is definitely for you! Kasia and Madina collected 8 ideas of the greatest photogenic spots nearby Aalto. Click “Read more” and hopefully, get inspired by the post.

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10 engineering project courses you should know about

Hello everyone interested in getting some hands-on-experience and especially you, freshmen! In this post, you’ll find 10 interesting engineering project courses you can include in your degree.

Product Development Project (PDP) is a year-long course in which students solve an industry challenge. It includes a lot of prototyping and even more user-centred design. Each team has a large budget and international teammates who they can meet up to a few times a year. This year (2020), you can help even Naughty Burger!

Periods: I – V
Credit points: 10 – 15

#design #engineering #business #designfactory

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