Occupation for Introverts

For an introvert, the first weeks at any place are always the worst. Forced social interactions, no routine or familiar faces and the feeling of non-belonging constantly lurking around. So I wasn’t really keen on what was announced as my first lecture. A 90 students and 9 professor strong compulsory beginner course for 1st year students of the Department of Media. UMAD – Understanding media art and design was the very first course in my very first week at Aalto University.

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All about Creative Sustainability – Interview with program director Mikko Jalas

Master program of Creative Sustainability (CS) is an international joint program. Program Director Mikko Jalas introduces the program in two interview videos. In the first video, he explains why Creative Sustainability is an unique program, how the multidisciplinary teamwork prepares students for their future professional lives, what to expect the outcomes of studying CS program, and how CS and Aalto university support individual study plan.

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MA Design Thesis Writer at Suunnittelutoimisto Amerikka Oy

A typical workday in Amerikka’s office jolts with laughter and collaborative project work over the whizzing of the specialty coffee maker. I found myself working among Amerikka’s team through the assistance of a common affiliate’s recommendation. As a foreigner in Finland, it can be quite trying to land a career-oriented job. Despite my previous field-specific work experience, most firms did not consider me. Though, I did not despair, as I thankfully, was aware of the acknowledged discourse about the insularity of Finnish firms. (I likewise encourage students/ entry-level job-seekers to actively search and apply for positions. As Helsinki steadily flourishes, a multitude of jobs for creative professionals ensue.) This is where Amerikka’s outlook is set apart.

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Nordic Startup Summer Program organized by Aalto Ventures Program

Nordic Startup Summer Program is organized by Aalto Ventures Program from July 15-19 in 2019.  

30 Chinese students from 5 top universities in China participated, including Xidian University, Fudan University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shantou University and South China University of Technology. The main purpose of this program is to explore Aalto University’s innovation and student-led startup ecosystem, top Finnish innovation companies, Nordic culture, mindset of public speaking and design thinking. 

The student from Fudan university shared his experience in the summer program.

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How I make the most of my time in Aalto University – Rasmus Viitala

Rasmus Viitala was my project teammate in the course Energy Business and Innovation, who is major in master’s program of Industrial Engineering and Management and CEMS. It’s a great pleasure working on the project with him. In fact, It’s very rare in my life to meet someone whose personality lights up the atmosphere wherever he or she goes. Rasmus is one of this unique kind, he is always fun, cheerful, upbeat, smart but also hardworking. Continue reading

Aalto Creative Sustainability Master Program is my best choice – Julia Renko

In this interview, Julia Renko, a newly-graduated master student of Creative Sustainability (CS) Program, shares about her study experience in Aalto – why CS is her best choice and how the bachelor’s program of International Business in Mikkeli campus prepared her for the master study.

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Summer in campus – nothing to do?

Summer is the favourite season for all Finns. It is finally getting warm, you can take off winter jackets, take longer strolls along the seashore… Many students are visiting their home towns/countries, many have summer jobs. The campus is much quieter these days. But it does not mean there is nothing else to do!

cherries blossom all around Helsinki in May

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FAQs for new Aalto students Part 1 (updated in April 2020)

Congratulations and Welcome to Aalto University!
Here are some frequently asked questions.

Please see all up to date information on admissions and the beginning of your studies on Aalto’s website (aalto.fi) or by contacting Aalto’s Admissions Services (admissions (at) aalto.fi) or your programme’s student services.

♣Student housing

  • Two student housing organizations: Ayy & Hoas. Please apply for both once you accept the study offer. New students have higher priorities for getting a student housing. Please be aware that Ayy and Hoas could not accommodate all students.

When will I get a housing offer?

  • Ayy (Aalto Student Union) will only provide a housing offer one month prior to your request, for example, if you request to start on 01.08, the offer will be given in July not before.

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