Master’s studies as the bridge to working life

Especially after spending time in the corporate world in between studies, it is easy to start prefering it over academia. Although student life has its advantages, sometimes the corporate world simply seems to provide more challenges to tackle in a concrete way every single day. This is one of the reasons I opted for the dual degree combining the CEMS MIM with another Master’s program from Aalto University School of Business.

In short, the CEMS MIM program builds a bridge between university education and working life. The curriculum offers multiple elements where students are provided with the opportunity to work together with corporate and social partners on real-life business challenges.

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Babi, reporting from Tokyo …

Everything happened very fast. One day I was opening my mailbox and reading the message from Saara and Katri that I was nominated as one of the Aalto Ambassadors and in, what it felt like less then a week, I was sitting in the train, looking through the window and arriving at the crazy massive city of Tokyo. Since my departure from my exchange time in Tokyo in February of this year, I wanted to come back, but it didn’t cross my mind that it would be still in the same year. The feeling was amazing! Plus, I was filled with the thrill of being entrusted with the task of representing Aalto students. I was carrying my ‘thematic’ bag and heading to Tama Art University (my exchange university) and Sokei Academy of Fine Art & Design.

My ‘thematic’ suitcase


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