RUSKA 2018


WHEN? October 25, 2018 at 9.00 to 16.15
WHERE? Sannäs Manor, Porvoo
WHO? All members of TUTA Staff, Faculty & Researchers, Docents, and Doctoral students


RUSKA II will be a day for TUTA IMPACT.  What is TUTA impact today, what can it become, and how do we achieve it? How do we communicate research and profile our expertise and TUTA within and outside Aalto?

RUSKA II Programme October 25, 2018

8:45 Welcome & a Good Morning Breakfast – THE MANOR
9:30 Getting started –  KYMNAASI

  • Making new connections in the “Hall of Fame”
  • What’s Up @TUTA
  • #RAI

10:30 TUTA Impact now and in the future
12:00 Lunch at THE MANOR
12:45 Wellness Hour – your choice of

  • Mindfulness – by the Indoor pool |Nora Lillandt
  • or Outdoorness – 3 km nature walk (mostly gravel) in the hoods of Sannäs – bring your Nordic Walking poles, if you have a pair!
  • Alternatively there is a Frisbee golf course, mölkky ..

13:45 An afternoon for hands on workshops – KYMNAASI

  • Let social media scale your research impact |  Kaskas Media
  • Communicate your research and sharpen your expert profile |  KUKA-palvelu
  • Aalto digital tools at your fingertips | Aalto communications

15:40 Wrap up & Ending of the Day
16:15 Bus departing from Sannäs

17:00 AFTER RUSKA DRINK AND TALK at Tislaamo Distillery Bar, Helsinki (the bus will drop us off on the way back from Sannäs)