Engaged Management WS 2023

Call for Submissions: International PhD Workshop on Engaged Management

Aalto University, Finland, 26-29.1.2023

The Engaged Management Scholarship Workshop 2023 is focused on “Value Creation through Engaged
Management Scholarship.”
Engaged Scholarship is a participatory approach to studying complex real-
world problems from multiple perspectives. It builds an understanding of stakeholders and their shared
value creation through inquiries arising from problem-focused research questions on relevant
management challenges. This stance impacts all areas of investigation, such as the area of concern and
problem formulation, research methods, the choice of theoretical frameworks and how they are
applied, and how research results are connected and communicated to affect real-world situations.

Submissions from doctoral students are invited among participants of Weatherhead DBA/PhD program
and Aalto University’s doctoral students that seek to shed light on how such value creation can be
envisioned and investigated in multiple settings and across different disciplines. The workshop will
include presentations of accepted abstracts submitted by doctoral students from Case Western Reserve
University’s and Aalto University’s doctoral programs.

This is a one and half (1½) -day workshop organized between Friday, January 27, and Saturday, January

  1. The workshop will include an initial reception and a sauna on Thursday 26, January, among
    registered participants.

The workshop will focus on presenting ongoing doctoral research related to the Engaged Management
Scholarship Workshop 2023 topics such as (while not excluding other topics):

  • Strategic change
  • Sustainability in business and industry
  • Environmental management and innovation
  • Questions related to organization and leadership
  • Digitalization and its effects
  • Implementation of complex policy change
  • Negotiation and policy change issues
  • Inclusion and equality

The methodological approaches of the submissions can cover either qualitative and quantitative work,
or both organized into mixed method designs.

Workshop presentations are selected among abstracts submitted by December 4, 2022.
Each submissions should include the following information:

  • Author and affiliation
  • Research topics and title
  • Description of practical problem being addressed and research question
  • Theoretical framing and key theoretical anchors of the study
  • Methodological design and key elements of the data analysis and inferences
  • Key findings (so far)
  • Expected contribution and practical impact
  • Key references

Each submission should be sent via e-mail to the workshop organizers as a Word document attachment.
The submission needs to be double-spaced and not exceed 2000 words. Each submission will be
reviewed for acceptance by the workshop organizers reported below. A compiled proceeding including
the abstracts of the presented work will be produced by the organizers. Detailed formatting guidelines
will be provided later.

The presentations and discussions at the workshop will be made available to the participants. The DIEM
department and CWRU Doctoral Programs will organize a workshop dinner on Friday January 28. The
place and time of the dinner will be communicated later.

The workshop will also include a half-day Workshop on January 29 on Qualitative Comparative Analysis
(QCA) and its applications to practice oriented research offered by Kalle Lyytinen. We are also examining
possibilities to offer an alternative workshop on engaged management research and scholarship.

Important dates:
• Workshop Submissions December 4, 2022
• Workshop Acceptance December 12, 2022
• Workshop January 26-29, 2023 Aalto University, DIEM

Workshop Organizers

Kalle Lyytinen Risto Rajala
Department Chair Department Chair
Design&Innovation Department Department of Industrial Engineering Management
Program Director/ Dba program DIEM
Weatherhead School of Management Aalto University
Case Western Reserve University

kalle@case.edu risto.rajala@aalto.fi